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      Yay! This has been one of my most wished-for features for GitHub for years. Hopefully next they’ll get to tracking comments across updates to PRs, allow stackable PRs, and support *BSD in Actions, and then I will have nothing left to complain about.

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        While it’s not an official GitHub feature, you can use to run BSDs and Solaris on GitHub Actions (using VirtualBox on macOS).

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          I might try it again soon. I’ve move recently been trying this one. With a third-party reimplementation of the actions runner, I’ve managed to self-host some FreeBSD VMs as action runners, but I’d love to see this become officially supported, especially with GitHub-hosted runners.

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            That one is even more interesting to me because of the multi-arch support. Thanks!

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              I ended up switching back to vmactions. The xhyve implementation is somewhat flaky and we had jobs just wait for timeout before exiting, even though the tests pass fine in VirtualBox.

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      (Looks like I cannot edit the description anymore…)

      There is also a nice write-up by the person who found the bug: