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      So, tons of C++. But I didn’t see which compiler they use and what their plans are for certifying future updates for something which failures are so expensive in life and money.

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        Let’s be real here. One exploding rocket costs 3 lives. Maybe more, maybe less.

        If one wishes to save lives and get value for money, there are much much much better places to spend. Given how so many die for so much less, when they don’t have to.

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          The cost to train those three astronauts is on the order of 50 million each.

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          So the real question is how much spaghetti? Is McCabe enforced in space? Though on many levels I have a hard time believing that the code in my Tesla’s are compliant.

          I see a lot of projects these days with complexity exceeding 89. These concepts exist for a reason, both readability and correct output. This is actually a driving force in my concern of my own infrastructure. The pathway through the code that is possible? I struggle to debug and the only way to correct it? Write it myself sanely. I’m a hardass though especially since I’m building a life support system for plants. Zero tolerance for error and catastrophic losses I’m blink of eye if incorrect response.

          So I ask, why is it acceptable to explode something? Ohh it’s a government contract so it’s not a big deal? They just get money anyway? That’s the only valid response I can find.