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      I like Trilium Notes for note taking, personal wiki, external brain, and content management system!

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      Cringy title, they’re definitely not amazing, and please don’t try them in your website.

      But I’m not claiming any authority on design so I’m not flagging although I’m tempted.

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        I mean, if it’s for your personal website I am all in favor of doing weird accessibility breaking and generally incomprehensible user interfaces! ;)

        For example, this looks wonderful:

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          Oh hey that’s the framework I use on my personal website!

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      I’ve been trying to keep a personal journal. It’s in my private Trilium Notes and I try to write between 1 and infinity words per day.

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      Personally I prefer node and express. It’s “old” now because everyone is rewriting in rust or something now, but node/express has worked since 2010 and doesn’t show any signs of stopping. Node also has good websocket support.

      Node generally scales… okay. You have to use multiple instances once you need to scale higher. Go has better concurrency but has less of an ecosystem. There’s also Python and Flask if you like Python. Or maybe Laravel if you like PHP.

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      What are the advantages of this compared to Ace editor? Might switch to this in my app.

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      If it ends up being on a computer, please put it on a spinning HDD, not an SSD. SSDs start to degrade after being powered off for a while because the electricity in it slowly dies.

      I wouldn’t recommend SSDs because they degrade slowly if they aren’t connected to power.

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        I wasn’t aware of that, cheers. Also, thanks for actually contributing to what I was asking, rather than scolding me and telling me about some ridiculous DIY rube-golberg solution that is completely untenable, or simply “having my lawyer or my banker store it for me” along with my spare monocles.

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      This would be such an easy way to cheat on 😂

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      Working on my program for creating videos for my new Reddit quote YouTube channel.