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      This is entirely off topic, so feel free to downvote me, tar me, feather me, or otherwise label me a horrible person, but I can’t honestly think of a topic I find less interesting in the programming world than node.js.

      I mean, I REALLY get it - web devs suddenly grow exoskeletons with jet packs and then proceed to go supersonic all over back end software development (with the usual BOOMs :) - that has GOT to feel great!

      But I’m not a web dev. When I’m forced to write HTML it ends up looking like something off an inner city bulletin board.

      And every time I try to learn Javascript, I end up feeling like prototypes are amazing but they feel like unnecessary gymnastics. I realize this probably says more about my shortcomings than Javascript’s :)

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        Isn’t that why lobsters lets you filter a tag?

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          Please understand, I’m not complaining about the post being posted - I know there are lots of folks who love JS.

          I’m just saying I can’t wrap my head around why it’s such a desirable tool for so many people. Clearly I need to work with it more :)

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        I don’t know about you, but I come from a Java/JavaEE background, and still earn my living with it. But depending on the use case NodeJS might be more effective (code size, available libraries, performance). Plus with typescript it might feel more comfortable. For me Javascript still feels “awkward”, but I am ready to use the right tool for the job…

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        Replying to my own comment because I feel like this needs saying. Thinking back on this, it was kind of a selfish one sided and ignorant comment to make.

        I came to this realization after looking at someone else’s posting a Python article today, and remember some of the negativity I saw around the Python language in this community because people find it “boring” etc.

        One person’s spark of joy is another’s monotonous rambling. We would all do well to remember that, and for my own self I will try.

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      Reading this gave me a fun New theory: Maybe the myth of the 10x programmer persists because companies that keep around jerks slowly lose all their programmers with better than average skill and are only left with those that can’t get jobs anywhere else very easily. Then the jerks really are 10x better than the new average at the company.

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        10x this. in my experience, many of the folks cranking out tons of code and deliverables have the worst track record for nonfunctional requirements like usability, scalability, maintainability, and documentation. as a result, they quickly scare off everyone they frustrate and their cumulative touch surface on the codebase only reënforces the perception of their productivity.

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        :)) - I wouldn’t want to work for such a company