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      +100 points for sync scrolling! I’ve been using MarkDown Pro on Mac for a couple years and it still doesn’t have this feature. Will give this a try.

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        Thanks! Do let me know your feedback about it.

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      Nothing like using a few gigs of ram to replace a call to sleep and an echo.

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        you could add xmessage, kdialog or the mac system notifier instead of echo if you are feeling fancy…

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        You are correct. But not everyone uses terminal commands except devs. So, probably they can use kind of UI based apps.

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          There are plenty of pomodoro GUI apps out there that don’t require a whole Chrome.

          I don’t mean to shit on your accomplishment, if you like it and others like it then that is great. I’m reacting more to the age of excessive use of resources for minor applications.

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      I recently had to remake my CV and looked for something like this, I finally ended up using that did perfectly the job (docker container to generate the files, CSS customization, …). I’ll definitely try this one next time, looks way easier haha!

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        Hope you’ll like it. Thanks!

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      This looks great! What about a feature where you can import your data from LinkedIn? I like keeping my LinkedIn as the “source of truth” for all my work history, skills, projects, etc, then using it to generate a resume. Open to thinking differently about this.

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        Hey! Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I’m thinking of implementing this particular feature but for that I needed to setup a server for the same. Right now, it is hosted on GitHub Pages.

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      Would be nice if pressing “next” would display a warning if you didn’t save your input yet. I filled in all the fields, always pressing next, and then I got an empty resumé. (The “next” button was much more prominent to me, it seems that the other button to the left of it almost didn’t register in my mind. I know it was there, but I didn’t look at it until I tried figuring out why my resumé was empty.)

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        Yes. You’re correct. I’ll definitely fix this issue. Thanks!

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      Hey, thanks for the submission!

      You kinda went nuts with tags, though–show would’ve been appropriate here, and maybe design. This is because web is too vague, css is not the main focus of this submission, nor is javascript or nodejs.

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        Hey! Thanks for the feedback. This is first time I’m posting on Lobster. So, I’ll take care next time.

        Update: Removed unnecessary tags.

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      That’s very cool! Writing an online resume builder was my very first job out of university, way back before there was a Web– it was a terminal based program. Amit, consider adding an ‘upload my resume for recruitment searches’ and a subscription based service for head hunters, you’ll have yourself a little business there!

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        Thanks malakai! I’ll surely think about in that direction.