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      I shared a project idea I had on the fediverse and almost 100 people showing interest, so spurred on from that I have begun building it.

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        What kind of idea ? I’ve been working on some aggregators.

        Let me know if you want to talk

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          A digital floppy disk box, a floppybox. Originally I had the idea as a parody of drop box that provided cloud storage in 1.44 MB chunks. I bought the domain on a whim over a year ago and the idea had collected dust ever since.

          I mooted the idea of dusting it off and making it into some kind of art project, with each “disk image” being statically served via a custom subdomain (which could be CNAME linked to a users domain if they so wish) to see what creative things people can fit into 1.44 MB a bit like the demoscene but with digital art/web based projects.

          People will be able to upload either archives (zip,tar, etc) containing no more than 1.44 MB in uncompressed content or a disk image of the same size restriction. Once uploaded, before publishing (if they choose to do so publicly or not) they can toggle the image as statically served content or to be displayed in something similar to js-dos or [pce-js])

          Those aggregators look nifty, I operate a pixelfed server:, but need to do a bit of maintenance on it as I think it’s a fair few versions behind current stable.

          They actually remind me of another project I have on the back burner, aggregating polls on the fediverse and displaying results as a grid of pie charts.