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      Reminds me of how, as a kid, I tried to solve Fermat’s Last Theorem. I didn’t have a chance in hell, of course, but my attempts enabled me to learn a ton of advanced math and even finding out some results that turned out to be already well known (e.g., Euler’s formula).

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      Company: IBM Company site: Position(s): Software Developer Location: Markham, ON, Canada

      Description: Hi everyone, my team is looking for software developers in Toronto. The official job posting is not out yet, but you can read more details and background info in this post: Basically, we are looking for several software developers to join our team of developers and data scientists. We are looking for people who can solve problems and get stuff done, more than specific programming languages. That said, we tend to use Ruby/Python/Elixir/JavaScript rather than Java or C#. Experience with containers and DevOPs a plus but not required. A flair for data science would be ideal as well, but not a requirement. If you are interested, hit me up and I will send you the formal job posting where to apply as soon as it becomes available.


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      Hold on, got you a thread for this. One second!

      EDIT: Here you go!

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        Thank you. Will post there too.

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      Do you have any transcripts/articles for your videos? To be honest, I’m not very likely to sit down and watch a 15 minute video unless it looks very very interesting, and very few videos like this do.

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        I do for this one. It came from an article I wrote a couple of years ago.