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      Hello! We made Stalemate because we wanted a dashboard which makes it easy to see the relevant pull requests and what needs doing to get them ready to merge.

      We’ve been testing Stalemate with a few companies here in the UK. It’s ideal when you’re working across multiple repositories on a single team (e.g. when you have code split out into libraries on a project).

      Stalemate is good for teams who use relatively simple issue/task tracking such as GitHub issues, trello et al. It’s not a great pairing with tools like Jira however because there are better ways to surface the information that Stalemate does in Jira.

      There’s no magic here - just a really useful way to surface the data you already have in a way that makes it really easy for developers to see PRs needing attention.

      We’d love feedback!

      Thanks for looking. Thanks for posting us here @stevejalim!

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        FAQs link at the bottom of the page is broken. It points to while it should point to

        Maybe also consider using flexbox so that the footer stays on the bottom even on small pages (such as the real faq).

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      Thanks @charlieirish for submitting this!

      I’m the founder of Zoetrope and happy to answer any questions. We’re really excited with what we’ve built at Zoetrope and we’re going to keep updating our tech blog with information about the systems that power Zoetrope - The contrast based focusing method described is only the beginning!