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      I wonder if you could support mutability somehow?

      I’m partly imagining torrent websites hosted on bittorrent (because it’s kinda meta) but could be generally useful/interesting perhaps.

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        There’s a bittorrent protocol extension where you can distribute a public key that points to a mutable torrent, but I don’t know if it has been ported to webtorrent.

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          The reference implementation for BEP0046 is done with webtorrent, don’t know if/how it works in browser though.

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            As far as I understand, you can’t use DHT in a web browser, as nodes do not support WebRTC. The Webtorrent project includes a DHT library that works with Node.js (which is used by the desktop application).

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      Since they did their first attempt on IPFS, I wonder why they switched to webtorrent to do this version? IPFS already has a JS client and is much better suited to this kind of p2p delivery. Should be a very similar process to glue in the VFS as was used here.

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        OP here. I didn’t find a way to get just the range of bytes needed for the query in the IPFS API. With bittorrent protocol the concepts of pieces and offsets are integrated by design and easier to use. As I said in the post, WebTorrent API offers a function that actually do this job, zero effort.

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          Ah, so limitations in the IPFS JS API. Unfortunate. Hopefully as that API matures it grows the methods needed to make such advanced use cases easier.