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      There is an online seminar for “Featherweight Go” by Phil Wadler on June 8, 7am PDT / 10am EDT / 16:00 CEST.

      The seminar will be streamed live on YouTube. See for more details.

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        It was interesting reading the reactions.

        For as long as I can remember, people who have observed software development (insiders as well as outsiders) have compared it unfavorably with other professions when it comes to stuff like safety, verification, and adhering to standards.

        But the thread is full of “well, actually”s from people who seem to think that the current way of designing software is just fine, and it’s bad people attacking software that’s the problem.

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        Cool. Thanks for sharing!

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      Have you read it? Would you mind reviewing it? Who should read it and why?

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        I’m about halfway through right now. I’d recommend it to anyone writing software; it’s like a shorter, more concise version of “Code Complete” but with better examples and with some unconventional wisdom (such as long methods aren’t bad if they encapsulate complex logic from start to finish)