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      Agree with quite few of these points, but I see the lack of deniability in chat as a feature. Also malicious servers not deleting events is a very small problem if you look at the fact any client could keep history as well. If you are going to say something that you will regret definitely don’t write it down.

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        Ironically, Matrix has deniability. Encrypted messages aren’t signed; there’s no way to prove that the other user in the conversation didn’t spoof the transcript if they could have colluded with the server to put a copy of the spoofed transcript there too.

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          Encrypted messages are signed by the sender’s homeserver. With the move to Matrix P2P this will be equivalent to being signed by the sender’s client.

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      veilid looks interesting and I will be monitoring it tho it feels like its another protocol/way to do p2p and routing. I can’t find anything that differentiates it from Tor, yggdrasil or pinecone other than it seems to be try and do all the things these protocols do. Also the lack of documentation is frustrating the only real docs are the slides from the Defcon talk and the conversations on Discord

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      I’ve found JIRA to be a excellent Vulnerability and Bug Tracker until we lost full admin rights due to the size of the business and that is when JIRA became unusable. JIRA’s IAM makes it near impossible to both have a secure instance and one that can be modified to suit the needs of each team. We couldn’t change workflows or add new tags or properties without reaching out to a JIRA admin and we ended up having to reuse workflows that weren’t created for us but that sort of looked like what we needed. We also found that other teams were using our special properties which would break our dashboards. It was a mess. I believe the only way to make it work in big enterprises is to have several instances (At least one per team) but then that breaks things like tracking issues across teams.

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      I wanted to share this to see if anyone else has found similar uses cases for Generative AIs.