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      Mostly erlang web development.

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      I use vim, screen, git. I also use a “launcher” app of my own called fed that does some fuzzy-searching to find the files I want to edit in the directory structure, and opens up an extension-specific editor (so if I want to edit text, it’ll open vim, but if I say fed logo.png it’ll open up Gimp). Here’s a timelapse of my working screen (5 minute video):

      Main dev machine is a simple Samsung laptop with Xubuntu 14.04.

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      This kind of behavior is all over in sports, and I’ve been a sucker myself in paintball, golf, hell, even hacky sack (or as its non-trademark name: footbag). On golf forums, I’ve seen it referred to as “blaming the arrow, not the archer.” New clubs won’t help get you to break 100, you need to practice and get a few lessons (and I’m one of those “struggle to break 100” guys)

      Interestingly, the one sport where I don’t see this at all is beach volleyball. You have basically one of two kinds of balls (Wilson AVP or Spalding King of the Beach) and that’s basically it for gear. This is, unfortunately, part of the reason Beach Volleyball has difficulty growing at the grassroots and professional levels - it’s difficult to attract sponsors because there isn’t any merchandise you can sell for BVB that suckers will buy to think it’ll help their game. Whereas in golf, there’s always the next new line of clubs, or in paintball, you can buy a faster marker or faster feeding Hopper.

      Anyway, that’s a hell of a tangent.