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MSFT/Azure expat. Early Go, Kubernetes, Rust enthusiast, though only my enthusiasm for Rust has persevered.

7+ year Nix/NixOS user, contributor+committer; maintainer of nixpkgs-wayland and flake-firefox-nightly.

My favorite underrated, very regularly life-enhancing, tech: yubikeys, nushell, nix/nixos, zfs (git status can be fast on huge repos, thanks ARC) + zrepl.

Living out of a suitcase and never been happier.

Edit: well my time here was fun. Because apparently talking about corporations ruining communities is political, despite me not mentioning any political or economic system whatsoever. Huh. Just goes to show what is always true about “no politics”.

The delicious irony of seeing this along with a rainbow lobsters logo as I login. Rich. Extra cute that the mod action suppresses and undoes any karma assigned by the community.