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      Have been playing around with Volt Framework a bit, which is great but it upset me that there was no HAML support so I added that in.

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      Well I keep pushing back the release by one week, and another, and another, because I want it to be perfect when I show it to the world, complete with a super-awesome suite of tests, and the most comprehensive documentation in the history of documentation, but truth is, I’m building this library more to scratch my own itch than anything else, and making it public so that if someone finds it useful, he may use it. And/or contribute back. So here goes:

      I probably should post this as a post by itself, so it can appropriately get upvoted/downvoted/ignored. :P

      This is my code generator. It grabs the schema from a mysql db, generates db code, http handlers, and a main package that ties them all together. The goal is to keep the schema in the database, along with constraints (this will work wayyyy better with Postgresql). For now I have code that checks against “not null” constraints. Badly, too. There’s a lot of ugly stuff in there. Oh my god, why am I clicking Post.

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        This is awesome! It’s rough for sure, but it’s a great way to get some code started, then trim out what you don’t need. Agreed, immediately useful.

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        This is cool, I like it a lot!

        You could chain it to my equally-if-not-more sketchy automatic API documentation generator and truly make skynet

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          I don’t know if that changes anything for you, but I generate a swagger ( file to describe the API. A friend of mine has convinced me that I needed to do something about json-ld and maybe hydra baked-in too. That’s not done yet, I still have a few concepts to wrap my head around of before I start these. XD

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        It has some rough edges, but is immediately useful for me, thanks. You looking for contributions or just a solo project?

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          Super glad it’s useful, all contributions welcome. Sorry I’m not hosting on github, I hear it’s appreciated for pull requests, it’s probably something I should consider? Again, glad it’s found some use for someone!

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            Github might be better for mass adoption, but I honestly don’t care, never used Gogs before – already filed a bug. Working with a very dumb DB with column names like type and so forth.

            I have wanted this exact tool and just didn’t get started on it.

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            Pull requests aren’t a silver bullet. You could have a clone on github and see if you like what you get with pull requests. Not everyone does.

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              I have actually never used the native pull-request system built into git – good excuse to use it.