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      Continuing to work on, been making really good progress on it over the past couple of months and have a handful of others using it now. Need to figure out if I even want more people using it long term or if I want to just keep it super smal.

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      I’ve found that I can’t deep-dive every CS-related topic on every essay. It becomes quite easy for commenters to pick this or that thing I didn’t deep-dive on and make some observation like “But you missed X!!” and then we’re stuck in infinite internet negative comment-land.

      Based on that, I think I’ll do a short video on type theory. Whenever I mention types I always get pushback. Everybody has their own favorite way of looking at types and their importance (or not). It’d be good to see if I can cover the major bases in 10-20 minutes or so. Of course, it’ll still be wrong/incomplete, but it’ll be good practice and perhaps something to point to the next time somebody tries to bust my chops when I mention types. Plus it’s fun. :)

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        I think you’re giving the comment section too much power. They’re not the ones putting the work in to put content out there that is meant to educate and enlighten. All they do is sit behind their keyboard and write pedantic comments into textboxes.

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        I think you can safely ignore most of the people pointing out what’s wrong with the stuff you put out! Keep pursuing what’s interesting and fun and I promise people are learning from it. I also like to think that most people are smart enough to know that there are caveats to any educational content!

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      Continuing to make progress on my personal site. Deployed it with Phoenix Liveview yesterday, really no reason for the Liveview other than the fact that it’s fun :)

      I’m also doing chapter 2 and 3 of the Elixir course.

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      Finally making some progress rebuilding my personal website with phoenix and elixir. Inspired by dashbit and Saša Jurić.

      I’ve also been playing around with Roam Research and while I love the backlinks functionality I don’t love the idea of outsourcing my personal knowledge store to a third party so I’m playing around with doing backlinks with vim-wiki and vim-zettel.

      At work we’re building with Phoenix Liveview which has been amazing. Working on our text editor probably this week.