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      I use (arguably) too many text editors. I don’t entirely know why.

      In regular use right now are Epsilon, CodeWright, Lemmy, JOE, and Sublime Text. I used to be and probably still am an Emacs fan (see: Epsilon, and maybe also CodeWright), though I still also use vi (but not really VIM; see: Lemmy). For lots of quick and dirty editing and copy and pasting that isn’t actually taking notes or writing code, etc., I use a simple Notepad-like editor (win32pad). Sometimes I use simple(-ish) console editors like Edit from Yori (i.e., yedit.exe). In certain cases I use IDEs or more IDE-like things. Or sometimes “weirder” editors (e.g., KEDIT, Winf). On Windows, “fallback” editors I still reach for include EditPlus and PFE; used to use both of those a lot more (especially EditPlus) than I do these days, but I still always have them around, and they still get used from time to time (more often PFE than EditPlus right now, for whatever reasons).

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