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      Started with Vim, went to Emacs, installed evil-mode to get the best of both worlds, and have been using that for the last few years now. Emacs is really a treat.

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        Right, when people say Emacs is a good operating system, but needs a good editor, the editor they’re looking for is Evil. That said, the vanilla Emacs keybindings have been burned into my muscle memory for decades.

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          “Emacs does have a good text editor in it; I’ve just decided not to use it.” – Statements dreamed up by the utterly deranged (including myself)

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          I recently got a hand-me-down Mac after my previous one was stolen and thoroughly destroyed a year ago. I forgot how wonderful it is that all of the standard Emacs key bindings (e.g. C-a = home, C-e = end, etc.) are baked thoroughly into the OS X input handling layer.

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            all of the standard Emacs key bindings

            Interesting definition of “all”. =)

            IMO they implement just enough to be a kind of uncanny valley; it tricks you into thinking you can use your muscle memory, and then every few minutes you try something it doesn’t know about and get the software equivalent of the feeling of stubbing your toe.

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            These shortcuts actually come from a C library that I think predates Emacs called readline. Browse man readline.

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              Emacs predates read line by over a decade. GNU Emacs predates readline by several years. Readline supports both vi and emacs-style editing depending on the contents of .inputrc.

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                This is true. However, Ctrl-e for “end”, ctrl-a for “home”, etc. also pre-date Emacs. They were present in TECO first.

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          I, on the other hand, like the Emacs keystrokes and will continue to be happy Evil exists because the more people use Emacs, the more likely it is that those keystrokes will continue to be available in the context of a good editing environment with a good extension language.