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      Figuring out how to map my previous ZSA Moonlander Keymap to the newly arrived ZSA Voyager Keyboard. Quite some changes in the default layout.

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      Just finished bicycling 550 miles from SF to LA and I’m so pumped to be back to programming!

      This week:

      • making a healthcare consulting site and medcalc for a doctor friend
      • trying to sell more tickets to my tiny tech conference
      • investigating why my pumpkins and cucumbers aren’t sprouting
      • working on scrapscript spec
      • open-sourcing nowify
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        Wow, such a nice bike ride. That was also done within this week?

        Nowify looks very appealing. I was having issues to stick to routines and this looks like it could really help! How can I stay tuned to the open source event?

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          I finished on June 10, but my body is still sore in places I didn’t know existed :)

          I’ll be making a nowify announcement on my mailing list:

          Or, if you don’t want to subscribe, shoot me an email in a month? Or the repo will be published at if you want to check the source directly

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      Such a great video - makes me want to use nix instead of ansible everywhere :)

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      Frohe Weihnachten!

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      Thanks for sharing! I’ll try that out, too!

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      I totally feel your “pain” regarding’s “Deploy with Dockerfile” use case and the rare documentation. Still I am quite sold to the ease of use after wrapping your head around the docs. I have a rust backend application with postgres and this fully runs in For DB migrations I especially like the deploy.release_command (

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        Nice tip, thanks. I hadn’t seen that but I actually didn’t look into anything I didn’t need yet.

        Also currently I’m wondering if the buildpacks are actually worth learning (and then relying on them to never break or not upgrade anything weird) if you know how to use a Dockerfile and deploy your app (say, written in Go) with a distroless container where you control 100% of everything. Maybe it’s down to convenience for people who have not used Docker for years…

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          For now, I stick with a Dockerfile, but idk what you mean by a „distroless container“? I build the image with gitlab-ci and directly push it to the fly container registry. I tried multiple times to build (remotely) using flys builders but it somehow always hung while setting up the docker remote context. Not sure about the buildpack thingy for now. Open for advice though ;)

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            Distroless would either use a FROM scratch final stage, or something like

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            If you have a static binary (most often Go) without dependencies you can usually run it in a very stripped down container that doesn’t really contain an OS, like, say a Debian base image. is one but I don’t think they invented this.