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      What’s most interesting for me is that lots of the source code of the programs that come with Windows is created by third-party entities. As this post suggests, in several cases, the supplied code has little to no documentation.

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      +1 on the awk tag

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      I’m working on internet access projects in Athens, Greece, half focussed on supporting refugee housing projects, half focussed on building community wifi for residents. Athens is a really exciting place to do this because the city is basically bowl shaped, very uniform rooftop height and surrounded by mountains; it’s a great environment for installing wifi antennas.

      Have a lot of sub projects going including looking at mesh, installing a rooftop WAN with PTP links, figuring out VPNs for external access to internal services and to transparently mask outbound traffic. This week getting a bit more organised, installing some local services, drafting community wifi toolkit, and maybe getting a few more locations hooked in to the network.

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        Sounds like great fun! Have you looked into potentially using cjdns in the mesh network?

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          Nope. Should I? I have a strange memory of seeing someone from the cjdns project talk at a Bitcoin conference in London and for some reason he got laughed off the stage. Is it now a solid project? It’s unrelated to DNS, right?

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            I’m not sure why they would talk at a bitcoin conference as it isn’t related to bitcoin at all. It does indeed seem pretty solid now. It’s an encrypted IPv6 network and routing overlay, so yes, independent of DNS.

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              Yeah, i wasn’t imagining it: ;-)

              I’ll take another look, thanks for heads up, this is useful as I’m getting stuck in learning about mesh protocols. batman and bmx mostly what I’ve been reading about so far

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        Is this as part of AWMN 1 or is this a different project/effort altogether?

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          AWMN is dead, Jim. Unfortunately it’s a mostly failed project due to massive internal conflict. We do attempt to interface with what is left of the AWMN infrastructure, but this is a separate project.

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            It used to be huge

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              yeah, it’s very sad really, it was really an amazing thing. They still report 1000’s of nodes although it’s not clear how many are actually still active and/or taking part in AWMN.

              The poster-children of community wifi these days are Guifi and Freifunk

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      For what is worth. We are currently using on our local hackerspace and in open source projects I’m involved bridged with IRC. Most of us via

      We are mostly very happy with the result and UX. It certainly helped us get have more active participation on our chats.