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      Fantastic!! A personal website is a great way to own your identity online and take back your web experience from the big social media silos. So I’m really pleased when I see people making websites!

      Mine’s pretty minimal, which is how I like it. :-)

      It’s a bit of info about me and some of my projects/writing. One thing I’m really happy with is my photography journal:

      Hosted on S3 with cloudfront, so it only costs a few cents a month to host.

      I keep the tooling really light so that it’s easy to maintain. Most pages are hand written HTML and CSS.

      I’ve found that it’s really easy to procrastinate on tooling and tech stack. Starting with almost no tech helps me get-on-with-it. My advice is “just start”.

      The photo journal is statically generated using an ERB template and a makefile. It generates html from a directory full of photos exported out of Adobe lightroom. It’s a tiny bit awkward sometimes, but it fits in really well with my personal photography workflow.

      My design aesthetic is quite minimal. For example, my photo journal I was really annoyed with how images on instagram are small and heavily compressed—so I wanted to have something where people can see my photos in large size / high-res.

      I’m using a monospace font called ISO, which was originally designed for the website so it’s got a vintage camera feel but fits in with my programming interests too.

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        A lot of beautiful photos in that journal.

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          That’s what I came to say too. The photos are amazing.

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          Thank you very much! 😊

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        I really like your photo journal idea!
        It actually looks much better in practice than I’ve imagined as I’ve been struggling with photo journal in my own blog - the biggest challenge being how to structure everything so it would be accessible and beautiful. However it turns out that just dumping everything can be quite sexy!

        If you’re interested in my approach I’ve decided to simply redirect to Pixelfed which has a great profile page design. The thumbnails are rather small compared to what you want but it doesn’t crop or compress anything!

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          Oh yeah pixelfed looks like a great insta alternative. Something I’d be keen to work out is how to allow folks to subscribe to my journal. One of the downsides of being independent is it’s hard to fit in with the social media sites people use. Is rss still the way to do it? Or can I somehow integrate into the mastodon/pixelfed fediverse..?

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            Pixelfed does support rss and federation. Probably some other sub methods too!

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        Picklecat is great!

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          Oh my gosh picklecat!