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      I had a great time with this! It was this combination of factors that finally got a game out the door:

      1. A time limit.
      2. An all-in-one package for game development (
      3. A simple Lisp (
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      I still have an item on my bucket list to write a game in Fennel and submit it to the jam. Maybe next year!

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        It was surprisingly straight-forward to do via TIC-80.

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      Passing impl Foo as an argument is smell in my opinion, and actually performs worse (due to dynamic dispatch at runtime). Passing a T: Foo instead allows the compiler to monomorphise the function. It’s also cleaner to do this when you have multiple constraints on the T and not just a single Foo.

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        You are thinking about dyn Foo, not impl Foo

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      Note that there is currently an open patch to Guile Scheme to improve the API of SRFI-171 (Transducers).