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      More practice flying at a towered airport. Want to take some buddies to the restaurant an airport nearby has on ramp soon. Implementing rudimentary macros in an r7rs-small implementation I’ve been working on. Going with the girlfriend to a theme park.

      Packed weekend here! Enjoy labor day weekend everyone.

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      I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the current installer. It would be nice to have a new ISO with SSH enabled by default with the freebsd user available, as the RPI ISO has. I’ve assumed there’s a way to create a custom ISO installer for x86_64 with this ability.

      I keep an Nvidia card in my primary server in case disaster strikes and I need to reinstall. Would be nice to free that up.

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      Taking PTO Tuesday to get my private pilot license. Oral exam is still seeming increbibly intimidating.

      Side note, training for my PPL has been ~50 hours of one-on-one from an instructor. Learning experience beats anything I’ve experienced in academia, easy.