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      Beyond Tellerrand, a thought experiment taking a couple of minutes, where you are exceeding the scope on purpose, pushing the boundary far further than it should be. This helps to explore the space around the actual context, will help fine-tune what is the boundary and more important, what your name WILL NOT BE. It’s a way to see a sharper image of the scenery you are looking at.

      Could you clarify what you mean by this? I googled Beyond Tellerrand and it only got me a conference, not a technique.

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        Not OP, and just an intermediate in German, but Tellerrand means the edge of the plate, so this might just mean thinking beyond the horizon, or thinking outside of the box.

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        It’s a saying (in german). Meaning: If you only look at what’s on your plate, you’ll constrain yourself to given boundaries. Looking “beyond tellerand” encourages you to explore the land behind that boundaries.