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      Hello, I’m new here. Waves.

      I’m working on an encoding API service to compete with Zencoder (now Brightcove),, HeyWatch, PandaStream, Transloadit, Amazon Transcoding, and any others I find along the way. If you know of any good API services that handle encoding of any kind let me know.

      Tech I’m using right this moment: Scala/Akka, Play-Framework, CouchDB (I’m still vetting this choice), PostgreSQL, and REDIS. On the front-end I’m using Swift on iOS for a prototype client.

      Just a little background - This is my second time writing this type of thing. I did something similar last year for a company called Brabble using Node.js and MongoDB and it worked well. But I can do better. I do have a few things I can’t reveal yet but I can say that it involve GPUs, OpenCL, and some fancy footwork for parallel processing. I hope to be the highest performing service for a reasonable cost.

      And if it all fails I’ll probably open source the code in hopes that people can use it in their infrastructure without too much hassle or at least learn from my mistakes.