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      …we respect you for it. There’s probably some pity in there too, but honestly, it’s mostly respect.

      Haha, nice to know I’m pitied! How extraordinarily condescending! I just write code in my free time because I have nothing better to do really, does this mean I should be pitied?

      Not being a dick over being a rockstar

      Is writing a piece like this that puts down devs like me considered “dickish” behaviour or not? Just curious…

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        We’re diverse people, we should embrace that. I love the subject of the document, how it exposes some developers to mindsets that might not be their own. The “pity” comment might make the manifesto feel as a cold shower to some, it might give a first impression that divides people rather than getting them to know each other. For this reason, I wouldn’t focus too much on that, rather, I’d focus on how interesting it is to get to know diverse viewpoints.