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      hopefully some progress on a Lindenmayer system side project I’ve been working on, and putting together Fusion360 models for some woodworking I plan to get done next week.

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      Pretty packed weekend, actually:

      • Prepping for an economics summer school in complex dynamical systems simulation
      • Finishing up some smart contract development for work before taking a week off for said summer school
      • Was planning on reading a couple chapters of Rufus Isaacs’ Differential Games, specifically about the Homicidal Chauffer game
      • Meeting a couple friends who I haven’t seen since the start of COVID-19
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      BoltDB was one of the first times I had to read into a repository for a project, and its simplicity is very engaging. The straightforward architecture really gave me an appreciation for how something seemingly massive like a database can be written in a simple yet still incredibly quick way. Also, while people like to say Go code is “boring” - isn’t that a good thing?