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      I have an Ultimate Hacking Keyboard that I ruined trying to change the switches out. Couldn’t get my Corne to work properly. Currently using a Ducky One 2 for work with browns and a GK64 with tangerines for writing. My husband says I can’t buy anymore keyboard parts until I fix the uhk.

      Using the keyboard on the macbook hurts the tips of my fingers the keys are so shallow. I’m also a very hard typer because I was taught in school not to put your wrist on the table to type.

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      Personally I don’t care for RSS, because I like the diversity in presentation and styling that different sites use. I like seeing a grid of thumbnails on Youtube, or a list of threads with vote/comment counts on Reddit. I’m sure it’s possible to get similar presentation if you hack on your own RSS reader, but at that point I’d basically be rewriting those sites and I don’t see any benefit in it.

      That said, some sites can get really annoying to browse, especially on mobile. I like RSS for those sites.

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        I get this. And I agree when we’re talking about smaller sites+blogs.
        I just use RSS to keep up-to-date with said sites/blogs, and I usually view the actual articles in a browser.

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        A lot of formerly popular feed readers only showed title+link and you read on-site anyway, if that’s your thing

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        A good example of it is are news sites, or ad-heavy sites. LitHub is one I like to read the articles but the actual site is littered with ads and related content blocks. Getting the articles from the RSS feed strips all that out and makes it much easier to read.

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      I didn’t know youtube had a RSS feed as well, cool!

      I think you’ll find many RSS users here at, it’s really handy (even though I subscribe using email and not RSS ;)

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        They have 3 feed types that I’m aware of:

        You can usually get the appropriate slug from the url but It’s not always clear what the channel id is especially since youtube introduced urls like for Stanford university. You need to scrape the page to find the channel id.

        I should add that their feeds are limited to the most recent additions so don’t expect to see a full history after you subscribe.

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        RSS is the only way I can handle Youtube subscriptions. Being able to watch the video from my feed reader instead of the actual site, which is designed to get you to watch a ton of semi related videos, is the best.

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      100% agree. It’s all about gaining and retaining customers and little about how easy it is for them to use. That rule about less clicks = better goes out the window on an app designed to keep your attention. Dark patterns have become the go-to.

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      I mean, most large websites aren’t going to deviate too far from the holy grail layout + bootstrap/material when the whole site has to conform to every screen size and mobile device. The less you have going on the more you can deviate from what would now be considered standards I think.