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      The supplement[1] has the paper and some other papers done with the tools described in the paper.


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      I like the “eject” idea, it’s a succinct way of phrasing an friction I often have with tools that wrap something more flexible.

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        I first heard the phrase “eject” used in the context of ejecting a Webpack config from a Create React App application’s autoconfig. It may go back further.

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        yeah that IS neat

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      Has anyone ever heard of something like this - SQL for the OS, but run against a sos report[1]?

      I always seem to be using the awk/grep/etc… to explore things ad-hoc.

      I did find jc[2] + sqlite-utils[3] to be interesting, but seemed a waste to not leverage all the table definitions from OSQuery.

      [1] [2] [3]