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      I use Nextcloud notes, via the browser on desktop and via the Nextcloud notes app on my phone. The Nextcloud instance is on my VPS and is backed up every hour by a Raspberry Pi with an attached SSD (which is backed up to another drive locally).

      If I have notes that grow, I transfer them to the document section of Nextcloud.

      My shopping list is a Nextcloud note shared with my partner.

      In software projects, I add Markdown files which start with my 3 initials ‘jgy’ for which I have a global Git ignore rule. I have a script which copies any file like this to the same SSD as above. These files hold my Done, Current and TODO tasks for the project, plus other notes.

      Notes which I want to refer to get moved to my TIL repository, which is public.

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      I use Dokku for all my personal sites. It’s easy to set up Dokku itself, and from then on the deployment experience is practically the same as using Heroku from the command line.

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        How’s dokku treating you? I briefly checked it out a couple of years ago, but decided the OOBE for Caprover was nicer.

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      Company: Lean Panda

      Company site:

      Position(s): Senior Developer

      Location: REMOTE GMT - GMT+2

      Description: We’re looking for a senior developer who wants to work in Elixir and Javascript. “Senior” for us indicates ability and behaviour, not experience. We are a full remote company.

      Tech stack: Elixir Phoenix LiveView, React (native and DOM)

      Contact: My email is in my profile

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      Company: Lean Panda (aka Cantiere creativo)

      Company site: Florence, Italy

      Position(s): Senior Front-end Developer

      Location: REMOTE

      Description: We’re looking for a senior developer with a good eye for design: a programmer who can craft a UI. We need someone who has clear skills in working with CSS (we use SASS/BEM), and is able to write quality, maintainable code. The need to know Italian is optional, but useful. We’re a digital agency. Pre-COVID19 we were partially remote, we have now adopted full remote permanently.

      Tech stack: React (native and DOM), SASS, Elixir Phoenix LiveView, Cypress, Postgres, Heroku, DigitalOcean, AWS

      Contact: My email is in my profile.