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      Find & replace in a buffer is one of my favorites


      For more info see substitution in the manual

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        Not exactly a one liner, but cdo has been really helpful for me! Populate the quickfix with files you want to search and replace in, and then run :cdo s/find/replace/g

        Great for refractors:)

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      Anyone have invites? This is intriguing to me, I’m hopeful about the broader move away from VC funding, at least for things that aren’t really capital intensive.

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        Sure, I have 10. I’ll DM one to you. If anyone else wants one, please DM me here.

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          Update: I’ve given them all away.

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          I also have invites if pushcx runs out

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            I apparently have an account with invites too. DM me for one.

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              I also have invites if someone is interested

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                I also have invites.

                …also, anyone we invite has invites.

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                  I’m interested if anyone still has any left, thanks!

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                    If you got one could you send one to me?

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                      hey caleb, you may have already gotten this or moved on but in case you haven’t :)

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                        thanks I will use it!

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                  I’d be interested if anyone still has, thanks!

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                  Can I have one?

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                    Can you send me an invite if you got yours?

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                If you (or anyone else) have one remaining, I would be interested

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              Update, I have now distributed 10 invites to users here. Have fun!

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        There’s a limited-invite thing on their subreddit about every week or so, and you can also email (don’t know the success rate with that one).

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          I can attest that I have received an invite after a couple of days.

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        I had an email invite like 10 minutes after posting this, thanks ya’ll!

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        I’ve got 5 if anyone wants one

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      Reading this I think some of the functionality could be achieved with an organized approach to RSS.

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        Didn’t WebSUB (as PubSubHubbub) start as an extension to Atom?

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      Nice! Think I may be able to get Godot running now.

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      Very cool that it supports private relay.

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      do a coding question Let’s say your algorithm is finding whether a given word is a palindrome.

      The author criticizes asking the candidate to write a to-do app and the alternative he proposes is the above. I don’t think that’s any better unless they ask their devs to solve problems like this on the job 😅

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        Yea, I’ve asked, “so are you working on a new product that does this?” In interviews like this. Kinda contradicts themselves there huh.

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      I wonder what, if any of this changes with iCloud private relay turned on?

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        That should at least change the “IP address leak” row (in “Misc tests”), because the description of this test reads:

        IP addresses can be used to uniquely identify a large percentage of users. A proxy, VPN, or Tor can mask a user’s IP address.

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      I was unaware of display-menu, very cool. Thanks for sharing! I’ll definitely stick with s to change sessions because the preview is so helpful, but I can think of a couple ways this can be helpful!

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        I agree, the preview is lovely. A use case for this menu based approach for me is for the sessions that I want to go to regardless of what’s in them (i.e. I don’t need to see). This is part of an experiment where I set up (sometimes at the start) the “long lived” sessions each with a different focus, and each with a differently colour-highlighted session name in the status bar (such as the “writing” session you can see in the first screenshot in the post).

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      Been pretty productive with blink on iOS. It supports mosh, which means I can leave the shell, and when I open the app the next day it takes me right back to my session. Been eyeing foldable keyboards as well.

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        Termius seems to also support mosh. I need to give that a try. But I’ll also check out blink! Agree that a foldable (yet clicky) keyboard would be very nice.

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      Company: ShowcaseIDX

      Company site:

      Position(s): Ruby engineer

      Location: REMOTE Western Hemisphere only with ability to work in US

      Description: Ruby api development. We’ll be a team of 7 working with a data group and a UI group. Showcase is growing fast right now, as we were recently acquired by eXp world holdings. Come work on tech that’s already getting lots of traffic and solve problems that affect millions of users across the world!

      Tech stack: Rails API, rspec, rswag, k8s deployment. Greenfield development may be different stack, but we’ll decide on that as a group.


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      I’ve recently migrated to Rubymine from vim/tmux and I must admit having a debugger is so nice. I used binding.pry previously which wasn’t bad, but the Rubymine debugger has been a pleasure to use.

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      The hard stop on adblockers is brutal.

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        right click;
        inspect page; 

        also it is very basic stuff. I’d recommend this for the philosophy of kafka. and the confluents docs are nice too.

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          The device on which I am reading this—like most used to browse the web—does not support any such action as a right click, nor does it provide any DOM editing facility.