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      As pointed out on Twitter, the sentiment.ts example has an escaping bug in the text argument, and the example parses currency amounts using floats (and also assumes that there’s only ever exactly one space separating the fields, but maybe that’s justifiable).

      The shipping addresses example is very US-centric (zip/state is not universal!).

      And these are the examples they choose to showcase it!

      Overall it’s pretty neat, I think, but I wouldn’t want to use it for anything serious.

      e: Also, their ‘strip suffix’ example is almost definitely not going to work well in the presence of dotfiles, .., and so on.

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        I notice that all their code samples are missing escaping where appropriate.

        Maybe this is the future. But man, if it is, I’m not looking forward to a world where “programming” consists of asking the AI to generate code for you so that you can debug the AI’s code, and I’m not looking forward to all the security vulnerabilities which come from not catching the AI’s bugs.

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          I mean, on the other hand, what’s your day rate for debugging gnarly production bugs?

          Perhaps we should be encouraging this ;)

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        The top example write_sql.go is missing a check to rows.Err():

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