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      Organising my web browser bookmarks. I used to maintain a hierarchy of bookmarks in Firefox, but stopped that years ago and started relying on the awesomebar and search to find things. But I realised I missed having a nicely curated set of links to interesting stuff to share with others.

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        Maybe have a look at linkding, Have it running on a Raspberry Pi 3Aplus, so could also run on a Zero 2 W

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        I feel like this is a neglected space that’s just BEGGING for some more innovation.

        There used to be which then jumped the shark, and Pinboard took over. And they’re great - particularly the gent who runs it, but the service itself has UX that’s worse than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. The maintainer claims he can’t make changes to his software due to old PHP versions and manpower.

        There are a bunch of open source self hosted alternatives and I REALLY want/need to explore that space more thoroughly, because I personally LOVE having a ‘tags’ approach to bookmark curation.

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          I run an instance of linkding it uses sqlite as the storage engine so backups are trivial and it is rpretty lightweight. It comes with chrome and Firefox extensions too. No complaints here:

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            I just deployed it with docker-compose and am getting a 500 error immediately on login.

            In typical docker fasion, I can’t figure out where the logs are and don’t have any of the usual introspection tools.

            Time to dig in a bit and debug what’s happening here, I guess :)

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              I basically use the docker-compose from the docs and it works totally fine.

              The logs are available via docker logs (-f) <container-name>

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                I think it might be because I’m trying to have it store its data in a CIFS mounted folder, and SQLite isn’t happy about that.

                I’ll try a redeploy with that stuff on a regular filesystem and just export backups once in a while :)

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                Yup. It was me out-clevering myself. I decided to run it on my cloud droplet anyway so I wouldn’t have to play Tailscale games to access it from work, and it spun up like a charm.

                I’m using Caddy as the https reverse proxy because I’m deeply lazy and hate engaging in EPIC BIG BATTLE with nginx or Apache for something I can do in 3 lines of Caddyfile :)

                Thanks for the rec!

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            Ah! Linkding looks PERFECT thank you very much!

            I host a number of docker apps at home, this would be an easy addition :) I also super appreciate that backup is so simple, IMO this has to be rock solid if I’m going to rely on it.

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      Physically? A lot of waiting around for the kids to finish their activities.

      Mentally? Contemplating how many of Kubernetes’ configuration options I need to be familiar with in order to use it safely.

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      The Factorio devs have a seriously impressive work ethic when it comes to driving out bugs and optimizing performance. I wouldn’t blame them at all for deciding this behaviour is just a natural emergent consequence of the design decisions and tradeoffs they have made.

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        Yeah, they’ve put a lot of thought into the belt algorithm, and I’m not sure I’d even consider this behavior wrong. I bet the belt code is thousands of lines, especially due to optimization. Some of their blog posts that talk about belt behavior: