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      I recently became a homeowner so this weekend I’m prepping most of the walls for painting and hopefully finishing removing the wallpaper in the basement.

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        Adult life strikes again!

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      For those that do not remember about NPM left-pad

      TL;DR about leftpad:

      After Koçulu refused to change the name, Kik reached out to NPM, and Koçulu says that CEO Isaac Schlueter took away his ownership of the module in question without asking.

      TL;DR about the link in the twitter:

      Due to disagreements between the original authors of Nagios::Plugin and Nagios Enterprises, the authors of Nagios::Plugin left the Nagios Enterprises controlled Nagios Plugins Development Team and have continued development in the Monitoring::Plugin namespace - see also the new website at

      What is the best way to deal with Opensource vs Big Companies?

      I personally like the CPAN way

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      Does anyone here visit the CERN/LHC? I just booked my visit, it’s guided and free, and they have a good review at TripAdvisor

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        I actually tried to a few weeks ago. All slots were booked weeks and weeks in advance. They claimed additional slots would be available a week before the tour but that didn’t happen.

        Sorry if that sounds negative - I’m sure it’s awesome when you can get a slot.

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      This is my first FOSDEM, so I don’t really know what I’m in for. Planning on hanging out in the go and rust rooms.

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        Have a backup plan, those rooms will be super full all the time.

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        It will be my first too

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      I’ll be in the CAD and Open Hardware devroom Sunday morning and then speaking and listening in Free Software Radio room all afternoon.

      It can definitely get very busy and its important to remember that all talks are recorded. I’ve found it’s much more interesting to arrange meetups around the talks.

      If anyone attending is interested in radio and will be in Brussels Thursday or Friday before FOSDEM, here’s an event to check out.

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        I will arrive on Friday, but I will try to change for Thursday just because of this event

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      I’m very curious about RISC-V track and want to go the Rust, Security, Infra Management and Container talks.

      Does anyone recommend a talk/speaker? I heard that some rooms are small and you need to arrive early if the room is full you can’t sit on the floor because of security stuff so basically you will lose the talk.

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        True, I remember from my 2017 visit that it can get very busy, depending on how interesting the talk description is. Most rooms follow the “nobody sits on the floor” rule, but I also attended an introduction to open-source FPGA programming where literally every square meter of the floor was filled with people. But yeah, show up early to be safe.

        (I can’t help you with the speakers though)

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          Yes, FOSDEM is notoriously bad at predicting turnout for smaller rooms. They don’t seem to base room allocations on current demand or “hotness” of a topic, but base it on historical attendance, meaning newer or newly popular topics get a small room and are often at capacity all the time, with queues building up in the hallway.

          Not trying to disrespect the organizers - I’ve attended FOSDEM since 2004, and I love it. Organizing an event like this is hard and they only have unpaid volunteers to organize.

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        Some rooms are extremely crowded and some are not. If you can’t find a spot there’s live streams that you can watch. Instead of doing that though, I prefer to just find something else that sounds interesting. The streams are online shortly after FOSDEM ends, and I prefer seeing talks live while I’m there.

        The FOSDEM Companion app is nice for finding talks on a whim, and it has links to streams and a map of the site. Find it at