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        Hi there. My name is Lachezar and I’m part of the team behind SessionStack. I can assure you that this is no spam, moreover a marketing droid :). We at SessionStack are building a tool to help JavaScript developers to easily reproduce and understand issues in the applications they’re working on. Since we have a free version that everybody could try out we decided that it would be great to share it with the community (especially those that are already using Sentry). Can you please share with us what made you think this post is a spam so we can prevent such confusions in the future.

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          Neither you nor Bonbonia have ever engaged with the community for any purpose other than promoting your product. That’s unwelcome behaviour here; it’s a community, not a billboard.

          Edit: the entire tree from are nonposting, other than ads.

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          Thanks for asking Lazchezar! As @danielrheath sketches out below, we don’t really like people sharing things for the employer if they aren’t active community members–you know, submitting other on-topic storiees and commenting and generally engaging. We try to keep a degree of close-knitness, and have strangers posting content without sticking around is damaging.

          You might find HN a better venue. :)

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            Thanks to both of you and @danielrheath for clearing things up. You both have made a perfectly valid point and we didn’t want it to be perceived as a marketing campaign. We as developers thought that it might be useful and interesting to people from the community. But I can assure you that this won’t happen again :)