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Manu Sporny is a co-founder and CEO of Digital Bazaar and a co-founder of the Web Payments, Verifiable Credentials, and Decentralized Identifier Working Groups at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). He has been on the founding team of five start-ups, two non-profits, and five global standards initiatives related to security, payments, identity, and blockchain.

A champion for science and the arts, his life’s work is focused on empowering people to enact global change through the Web. He spends most of his time driving the creation of open standards and open technology that will integrate privacy-aware identity, payments, and blockchain technologies into the core architecture of the Web. Some of the open technologies that he has co-invented, such as JSON-LD, are used by companies such as Google and Microsoft, hundreds of thousands of businesses globally, and billions of people around the world.

Specialties: Software engineering and design, software/system usability engineering, Internet and Web standards, open identity, blockchain, GIS systems, distributed computing, peer-to-peer system design, project management (teams of 3-25, communities up to 450), copyright law, cryptographic security, high-availability identity and financial systems, contract negotiation, business law, licensing negotiation and authoring, start-ups, patent creation, submission and execution.