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      This is cool, but I find for me that as soon as I sit down in front of a computer, my mind goes blank and I forget what I was planning and just pick up with whatever is already on screen. To do some thinking about my week, I have to use paper to force myself to focus.

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        my mind goes blank and I forget what I was planning and just pick up with whatever is already on screen

        I know this phenomenon all too well. This comment could also have been written by me :D

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          When someone asks why do I keep notes, I answer “because I’m stateless”.

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          Anyone know if there are any AI apps that can be trained to recognize a person’s handwriting? (if they can grok diagrams that would be even better!)

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        For what it’s worth, I have that issue, but I’ve combated it very effectively by doing the actual journaling and note taking on a very dumb medium (the reMarkable e-ink tablet these days, and previously just small paper notebooks). I transfer those notes I still care about over at the end of the day to a system vaguely like what the author describes. This lets me focus and be in the moment when I’m writing/journaling/etc., but gives me all the benefits of searching and (for my use case) back-references that I’d miss sticking purely to paper. That’s how I’ve done things since the 90s, and I don’t anticipate changing. YMMV, but a system like this can be a very nice complement to longhand writing if you want it to be.

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      non-fiction: C# in Depth, Fourth Edition by Jon Skeet

      fiction: Kalmann by Joachim B. Schmidt. Just finished reading it a day ago. I can really recommend this book. One of my favorite ones so far.

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      Really enjoyed reading this. Excellent write-up. Thank you very much!

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      Enjoying my new WASD V3 88-Key keyboard.

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        LOVE their keyboards

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          The keyboard is really amazing. But one thing I do miss is that they have no wireless option. And I really don’t know why? Bluetooth is not such a thing today….

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            That is definitely a noticeable omission. I hope there’s an aftermarket solution.

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              That would be great and I’d definitely be interested!

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                I just learned there are wireless mechanical keyboards for macOS!

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      Battlestation (with screenshot):



      • Kinesis Advantage keyboard
      • Lenovo X1 Extreme 2nd gen
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        Wow! What a beautiful environment to hack in <3

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        And you even have a real shack that you could paint or go to to run away from the internet :)

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          There was quite some painting going on at the house - all the outside surfaces have been redone for example^^

          The shak is for storing 6.5 qm^3 of local wood for the fireplaces, though:

          In summer, when it’s empty and raining outside, I do tend to sit inside it from time to time enjoy life with a cup of coffee and a good book^^

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        No MacBook anymore? ;D

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          Unfortunately, the last subjectively ‘good’ MBP was the 2015 model which broke down on me hard close to two years ago.

          Objectively speaking - or at least to the best of my knowledge, the new MBPs are not capable of running Linux due to loads of proprietary hardware.

          If only Apple still sold the 2015 model with a RAM, SSD and CPU upgrade, I’d still have a MBP and would have saved weeks of research and tinkering on slightly less differently proprietary hardware(;

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        I second organice. It works well for journaling with a capture template. It equally works well for other kinds of support documents and todos. You can even generate an agenda out of your notes.

        Also, it’s FOSS, so you don’t have to worry that your work will be made obsolete at some point.

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      hate to admit it but I still use vimwiki.

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        what’s bad about vimwiki?

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          To me, nothing. It satisfies my core needs just fine. Been using it for a very long time.

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            ahh ok. i was just confused because you hate to admit using it ;)