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      Kinesis Advantage. I’ve been using them for almost twenty years, and other than some basic remapping, I don’t customize.

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        Ditto, I’m at a solid decade. I cannot recommend them enough.

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        Also Kinesis Advantage for over a decade. On the hardware side I’ve only mapped ESC to where Caps Lock would be. On the OS side I’ve got a customized version of US Dvorak with scandinavian alphabet.

        I’d like to try a maltron 3d keyboard with integrated trackball mouse. It’s got better function keys too, and a numpad in the middle where there’s nothing except leds on the kinesis.

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        Me too. I remap a few keys like the largely useless caps-lock and otherwise I don’t program it at all. It made my wrist pain disappear within a couple weeks of usage though.

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        My only “problem” with the Kinesis, and it’s not even my problem, was that the office complained about the volume of the kicks while I was on a call taking notes.

        So I switch between the Kinesis and a Apple or Logitech BT keyboard for those occasions.

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          You can turn the clicks off! I think the combo is Prgm-\

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            Yeah, its not that click, it’ the other one from the switches :-)

            I can be a heavy typer and for whatever reason, these keys stand out more than I expected to others behind the microphone.

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        I prefer the kinesis freestyle2. I like the ability to move the two halves farther apart (broad shoulders) and the tilt has done wonders for my RSI issues.

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          similar, largely I like that I can put the magic trackpad in between the two halves and have something that feels comparable to using the laptop keyboard. I got rid of my mouse years ago but I’m fairly biased on a trackpad’s potential.

          I’ve sometimes thought about buying a microsoft folding keyboard and cutting/rewiring it to serve as a portable setup. Have also thought of making a modified version of the nyquist keyboard to be a bit less ‘minimal’ -