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      Awesome 👏 How it’s different from tview?

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        The biggest thing is that bubbletea works inline as well as full-window, whereas tview/tcell is strictly full-window only. This is why we originally ruled tcell (and others) out and pretty much felt we had to write something new.

        The other thing is that writing to the screen with tcell requires using the tcell API, whereas with bubbletea you’re just returning strings, so it’s more flexible in terms of what you can display.

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      Why can’t we have a simple markdown renderer in a terminal with just regular bold, italic, etc? Someone, do it dammit! Do it in Rust! :)

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        You can. Glow lets you define your own styles:

        The notty and simple styles probably are a bit too raw for your taste, but it’d be easy to strip the colors from the default dark & light styles.

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        For a markdown renderer for the terminal in Rust there is termimad. Not sure if it’s simple enough for you though!

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          Cool, thanks! This lead me to which uses termimad.

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        bat does some minimal syntax highlighting from Markdown, and it tends to be good enough for my own uses: