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      I’m going out partying tonight with some friends, maybe hit a casino later. Tomorrow I’m having a full-day motorbike trip with some biker friends. And then in the evening I’m going to a Drum’n’Bass concert. And on Sunday I’ll most probably chill, have some brunch with some friends and maybe spend some time learning Golang in the evening.

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        I’m impressed that you are able to learn a programming language after a weekend like that - I think I would be on the couch :)

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      I use Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard.

      I was using the Mac keyboard beforehand, but my left wrist + ligaments on top of the hand started hurting after prolonged usage, so I knew I had to switch to an ergonomic keyboard. One of the best purchases of my life. Tbh, I rly dislike the fact that the keyboard is connected thru USB instead of bluetooth, but I assume that’s some business decision, in order to force pairing the keyboard with the mouse (cuz you can’t buy the keyboard standalone… it comes with the mouse).

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        I also use this keyboard on a Mac and I absolutely love it.

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        I use the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard too. I love it. It feels great to type on even after long periods. It’s not huge, it’s light and easy to move around my desk. It’s not mechanical unfortunately. I also wish it was Bluetooth. But honestly, the worst part for me is whatever material they used for the palm rest wears away relatively quickly. I’m already on my 2nd keyboard and thinking about buying another one. I might buy a bunch because Microsoft will stop making them at some point and I don’t want to pay a fortune in the post-production market.

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          But honestly, the worst part for me is whatever material they used for the palm rest wears away relatively quickly

          I’ve had to take apart my 1st to try and repair it, but failed. I noticed though while taking it apart, it is VERY easy to replace this wrist rest material with something of your own. It would be a easy modification to use another material.

          I think a big reason behind the material they chose is it’s easy to clean while still being soft.

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            Can you explain? I didn’t think the wrist rest would be that easy to replace, mostly because of the shape and how it’s attached to the rest of the plastic. What material do you recommend and how would you get everything fit in nicely?

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              You wouldn’t replace the rest but the material. The material just slides right off :)

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                I get it now. Very interesting. I don’t think it will be easy but peeling off just the stop surface is more promising than that what I was originally picturing. Thanks.

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        You used to be able to buy one without a mouse, and it still used the dongle.

        It’s a mixed bag: I lost the dongle to one keyboard, which sucked. On the other hand, my experience (which I’ve heard echoed from others) is that wireless dongles connect much more reliably than Bluetooth.

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        I use the old-style Microsoft Ergonomic Pro keyboards - produced when they were switching from PS/2 connectors to USB, so they come with a split connector with both. Right now I troll eBay for ones that look like they’re in good shape (haven’t found new in box for sale) because there hasn’t been a good replacement made since the early 2000s. The Logitech ergonomic keyboards from early 2000s were good, but it seems Logitech got out of producing real ergo keyboards.

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        It’s a shame they don’t make a slightly better quality one, as the ergonomics is just perfect. Plus, it doesn’t differ so much from a regular QWERTY keyboard.

        However, some keys get stuck, latency is a bit too high for my taste and the rubber palm rest gets damaged too quickly.

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        Thanks for the recommendation! Btw, seems like you can indeed buy a keyboard alone:

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          Oh, dope! I didn’t know that! Will do when I’m replacing my current one! Thanks!