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      I like strictyaml approach, here is a relevant page but browse the site for other interesting documents:

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        Same here :)

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      looking forward to this! my first Nim conference and also this my first comment on lobsters!

      I think the organizers did a great job:

      • it is in interesting format: an online conference with pre-recorded video and opportunity to interact. I guess it aims for maximum impact with limited effort.
      • the content is very varied, videos for beginners, a nice game framework (nico), nim on Game Boy, nim on ESP8266 microchip, web stuff, the much awaited talk by Araq on the new memory management system (arc/orc), mratsim on multithreading, treeform on UI development with fidget and much moreā€¦
      • unfortunately not much in my domain (data science), hopefully next time (this will be done again next year, right?) I will be able to contribute something.

      Overall I think it deserves much more publicity than what has been getting yet (but that is also a feature of Nim, which would definitely deserve to be more known and used).