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      Writing an IP stack for my 6502 based breadboard computer (based on Ben Eater’s 6502 computer ), and a simple SLIP server so I can get it on the internet.

      This will hopefully be made easier by the pre-emptive multitasking and self EEPROM updating I implemented last week.

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      A related thing that I’d like to see added in browsers in a meta tag that force-disables any javascript on the page. This is useful when you’ve got a perfectly fine and functional page that doesn’t use javascript, but someone else decides to inject javascript into it - be it Facebook, American ISPs or whatever. With the meta value set, any tracking junk would be unable to do its thing.

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        Content Security Policies are flexible enough to do this. They can be specified either through a HTTP header or as a meta tag in the page.

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          If somebody can inject javascript into your page, though, aren’t they also in a position to strip any such tags or headers?

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            Yes, a sufficiently malicious embed can retrieve the source HTML as a string via network call, strip out any anti-embed headers or tags, and then pass that source HTML on to be rendered.

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          Thanks, I’ll look into that!

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        Until they don’t just inject, but also filter your meta tag, I suppose.