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      Safe for work?

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        As long as the word “porn” in big font doesn’t make people rage!

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      Should be pretty basic, but it seems some Linux distros are moving away from the FHS. One thing I love about OpenBSD is that there’s no surprise where things end up. One thing you might consider covering is /usr/local.

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        I know this post is about Unix, but after I started using Ubuntu 6 years ago I have practically forgotten that /usr/local exists.

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          If all you’re using is the package manager, I can understand that. I still write a lot of code I use on my own box, and it all installs to /usr/local/, so I end up still using it a lot.

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        Thanks for your reply! My goal is to create a simple app I’m gonna use myself, and push it to the google play store (free download) when I have created a simple working app.

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        Spot on!

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      Do you like the ‘jj’ keymap in Vim so far?

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        Is it:

        imap jj <Esc>

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          Yeah, I’ve been using it for a while myself.

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        Whoah, somehow I missed this thread. :‘(

        I took it out because I haven’t really used it.

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          Same as me. I tried to use it for a couple of weeks, but I found it more annoying than productive.

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      Nice work, I will definitely bookmark it!

      Love the increase of show posts lately.

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      HN is down, got so much work done!

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      I love the simplicity. Add a few git-commands and you can easily sync the address book across computers through Github.

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        Please don’t put my contact information to GitHub…

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          hmm. this is an interesting article about encrypting your external git repos and using dropbox: That would work.

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        Glad you like it!

        I’ve updated the post to include a nice mailto function for even simpler usage.

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      Lots of nice git tips! I was not aware of the interactive git add with the -p option.

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      Thought for a moment it was Vine for Android!

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      Got my upvote for a nice README.

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      No need to copy pasta those dotfiles around anymore! fresh is a tool to source configuration (aliases, functions, etc) from others into your own shell files. We also support other files such as ackrc and gitconfig.

      Looking forward to hearing what you guys think of fresh. We’ve already got a bunch more features planned. See our list of upcoming features at

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        what problem is this trying to solve?

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          We found we were constantly copying bits and pieces of each others config files. We built this so we can easily share the pieces we need from each other. For instance @jasoncodes has his $EDITOR variable set up so it changes if you’re using tmux, instead of copying his code I used fresh to grab it.

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            Interesting. Every so often I come across something I may want to add or change in one or another config file, but it happens so rarely that I can’t imagine wanting to involve Yet Another Tool to manage it. So this is interesting to me because you’re describing a behavior that sounds awfully foreign to me. :)

            “For instance @jasoncodes has his $EDITOR variable set up so it changes if you’re using tmux, instead of copying his code I used fresh to grab it.”

            But how often is that going to happen that using Fresh beats just pasting or typing some lines into a file? I guess often enough for you now, but don’t you expect that before long you’ll have some good, reliable, comfortable settings you don’t want to forever tweak?

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              I’m often tweaking my dotfiles, my repo has over 500 commits. The other benefit is if something breaks (Git changes an options we’re using for instance) and @jasoncodes fixes it I can just update instead of making any changes manually. I guess it depends how often you tweak things. I work in an office where most people maintain their own set of dotfiles and if someone finds something new or a better way of doing things we can all benefit from it easily.

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            The idea is cool, but how should I approach the discovering of new functionality (aliases, functions, etc)? Maybe there should be some central repository with information? Think web-interface with GitHub-repositories as a backend so it’s easy to discover and browse other people’s configuration.

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              At the moment you can simply look through peoples dot files and grab what you want. Projects like Oh My Zsh are good because the functionality is broken up into small pieces that make it a perfect candidate for fresh. We were talking about this today, we’re thinking of setting up a wiki page that you can add to and we would scrape that an build a search into fresh so you can fresh search ackrc for instance and find all the ackrc files people have recommended.

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      Reminds me of Windows 8, but maybe that’s the intention.

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      I’m always scared when the password is posted without encryption.

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      Take this philosophy, apply everywhere – Profit!

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      Nice project, I will try it out at work tomorrow. Have been trying a few different solutions for time/task tracking, but this is a really simple approach.

      I would suggest that you set 25 minutes to default since this is the default interval time specified by the pomodoro technique

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        Thanks! Just pushed this change.

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      I am no colour expert, but I clearly agree.

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      What do you suggest?

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        How about #bbb

        This is a segment of my chrome’s Custom.css (removed the borders from tags as well)

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          This is #bbb but I think it makes visited links kind of hard to read. It would be useful on a site where all you did was click things so that it would be out of the way once clicked on, but I think it’s a pretty common usage pattern on this site to click on a link, read it, then hit back and want to comment or vote on the story and possibly do it again a few hours later to read new comments. It’s important to be able to quickly scan the list of titles, which is why I left the visited color still a readable blue. That said, I’m not against changing it,

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            bbb is too light
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      I hate CAPTCHAs. I would consider hiring this just for signing up to things. ;)

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        I find reCAPTCHA okay, but other projects are quite difficult to interpret. Even for human beings.

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      End users don’t care if downtime is maintenance or error. I think is more honest to show all downtime, not disable checks when you know there will be.

      If you have regular downtime, pingdom keeps you honest and might push you towards finding a way to do it without downtime.

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        It’s not about end-users in my case, it’s about tracking SLA towards our hosting provider. And I agree with you that all downtime should be displayed to end-users, maintenance windows or anything.