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Hi, I’m Peter Bhat Harkins, a programmer and entrepreneur from Chicago. From June 2014 to winter of 2015 I typically posted a dozen stories per day to help the site reach a critical mass of regular visitors. In October 2017 I became the site administrator after the site creator @jcs stepped down.

  • Please don’t message me for an invitation if we’re complete strangers; check the user list for someone you know or ask in chat.
  • Submit a meta post for feature requests (including new tags) to let the community discuss. Bug reports and “is this a bug?” should go to the issue tracker.
  • Message me for administrative and moderator things. I don’t see everything and I gotta sleep sometime.
  • E-mail my first name @malaprop.org regarding site security or if you can’t log in to message me. If I’ve posted or commented about something here or in the chat room, I’d almost certainly love to talk more about it.