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      I’ve been using Tarsnap for a very long time and have had vanishingly small need to ever think about it. I only store a few dozen important (to me) text files and I am quite sure I’m still on the original $5 or $10 that I originally created the account with. It’s set up with a cron job and I’ve had a hundred times more headache with Cron misbehaving than I ever have with Tarsnap itself.

      As far as I’m aware Tarsnap is entirely conceived of, created, and operated by Colin alone. Cannot imagine he’ll be reading this, but if he does… thanks for everything!

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      Seems considerably easier to just use crontab to do git status in some repo on reboot and have that ten entire second delay happen out of sight.

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        used to work, but the last time I tried I ran into enough problems that the consensus was “suck it up and use launchd“.

        Honestly, possibly unpopular opinion, but I hope OS X jettisons their vestigial userland. It’s the uncanny valley of POSIX right now. I’d rather install everything from ports and live that way.

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        Exactly. I’ve never waited for a MacOS reboot because it’s always just happened when the machine has been idle overnight, so this wouldn’t even be something I’d notice. Would be nice if Apple could trigger it without us having to look at workarounds.

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      I do something similar, but in a more generic way. I have two “search engines” defined in Chrome, one called Jira and the other called JQL.

      Jira is defined as JQL is defined as

      The Jira one means I can do jira<space>project foo which activates Jira’s “smart” search and, if project is a valid Jira project, searches for foo in that project, or otherwise does a more generic text search for project foo; and jira<space>project-1234 also takes you right to ticket PROJECT-1234 as in this blog post.

      For those that use Alfred on macOS you can also create a similar search there, using {query} instead of %s

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        Yes, Alfred is what I use and it’s extremely useful for this. My shortcut is jira and putting in a ticket number will go straight to it. I also created a workflow to take the full URL of a Jira ticket from my clipboard and replace it with just the ticket. All this saves a great deal of tedium.

        If you’re on macOS I can’t recommend it enough.

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        Yes the QuickSearch one is great, and that’s what I have j aliased to in Firefox. You can type in a ticket ID or a search term or whatever.

        One really frustrating thing is that Jira then redirects you to a combination search/ticket view and puts the first result’s ID in the URL bar. This makes it that much harder for people to reverse-engineer the search URL!

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        Mine are very similar, I have ji for ‘JIRA issue’ and js for ‘JIRA search’.

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      I can neither confirm nor deny that I have used Tarsnap[0] for just such a thing.

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      I’ve been using massren[0] for a long time. It lets you rename all the files in CWD with $EDITOR.

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        vidir, which comes with moreutils, also lets you do exactly this.

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          IIRC, moreutils also has qmv and qcp. Great tools.