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      This is my personal site: I have jumped from tumblr to github pages and finally writing my own server. I wrote my experience on writing my own server here: tl;dr I wrote a simple server in Go to serve the site from RAM.

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        I serve my site from ram too! How fast do you get it to render pages? I’m at around 600 microseconds most of the time.

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          Great to hear. Mostly 90-150ms. Though my feed.xml takes about 300-500ms. I’m surprised that it takes 600ms for you. Although I’m just serving static pages.

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            I probably need to profile that route, 600 MS is a bit odd but it might be because go’s encoding/xml is slow

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            Yeah the slowdown seems to be related to Go’s XML encoder being weird. I don’t think it’s an issue however, most of the time the RSS feeds are scraped by machines.

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      Interesting, though I expected a manifesto for minimalists to be more minimal. :)

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        1.4MB for a minimal manifesto page :) LOL!

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        I clicked on one of the topics at the top, the page scroll to the topic in question, but I couldn’t use the back button to go back up. How about <a href="#fight-for-patero">?