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      Damn. I had to write date overlapping in 2007 to compare bills sent to Medicare and now I am saddened by how much easier it could have been.

      Good job, dude.

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        Which is precisely why I googled before trying to roll my own logic! It was so easy after reading the explanation that I thought others would like the tidbit.

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      Until recently, HardenedBSD’s default configuration contained a somewhat serious flaw that could be exploited by a MITM to intercept requests from pkg(7) and let it execute code provided by the attacker with the privileges of the pkg user (usually root).

      I think this also calls out the need for FreeBSD to priv-sep/priv-reduce the ports and pkg systems. I don’t pretend to claim that a priv-reduced pkg(7) would have necessarily prevented this MITM vulnerability, but my educated guess is that it would have helped (as has been discussed in this story under the “Ports and Package” section).

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      I can relate to far too many of his bullet points for non-productivity (open office floor plans suck). The biggest thing that helped me stay productive and lower the number of distractions was buying a nice pair of noise cancelling head phones. It’s the best $300 I’ve ever spent! I couple that with instrument-only music stations on Pandora with an ad blocker, so I’m never thrown off by disruptive ads. Helps a ton.

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        I’m one of those people for whom open office plans don’t really hinder productivity. Mostly because I have a phenomenal talent for shutting out my environment and focusing. So much so that it can be harmful at times. I kind of like having the occasional interruption to force me out of the zone every once and a while. It forces me to surface and realize it’s actually lunch time or time to go home.

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      I am also interested!