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      drinking a tall glass of egged nog

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      People who’ve been around the block typically hate having their senses hit with crystallized manipulation. It’s a shame to me that anyone likes any ads.

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        I think it’s less “like” than “are annoyed by.” I don’t particularly like print ads in the sense that I don’t seek them out, but they annoy me a lot less than the typical online ad network.

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        I don’t like spending more money than I actually have, so I keep check of all my expenses separately from the bank. This makes adding new subscriptions a monthly PITA, so I’m hesitant to do it. If a piece of media is subscription-funded, I will probably only buy it if it’s really good and/or popular (like LWN, Play Music, and IntelliJ, not like I am far more likely to read your blog if it’s ad-funded than if it’s behind a paywall. This low barrier to entry makes things a lot easier for new entrants in the field.

        In other words, I like ads more than I like paywalls.

        Malvertising broke this compromise. I would much rather pay for a subscription than be subject to fraudulent or malware-infested ads. I use an ad blocker because online ad networks have not effectively self-regulated.

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      Sounds like you might benefit from writing your own with such simple desires!

      I used to use Jekyll (appeared to me as the default choice at the time), then my own written in Python, then my own as a Makefile, and currently ikiwiki mostly for directives. Though I have more motivation to implement these than I do to actually write and publish blog posts…

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      Every day I make a todo list on paper, in my notebook. I copy over any items from yesterday’s that I failed to do, trying to be realistic about what I’m going to accomplish. I have sets of other longer-term todo lists I pull from while constructing the daily ones.

      I enjoy the freedom that a physical books allows, being able to scratch my lists down next to drawings & diagrams.

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        Plus it looks really cool to use a physical book for lists.

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      Software I currently use weekdaily: arch linux (systemd, pacman) or void linux (runit, xbps), dwm, compton, bash, urxvt, vim, mpv, mutt, offlineimap, sxiv, sxhkd, dmenu, glances, weechat, syncthing, firefox (ublock origin, vimium), keepassxc, tmux, ssh, git, git annex, redshift, xbanish, xtrlock, mupdf, newsboat, bitlbee-libpurple (skype in weechat, please), magic wormhole (not-daily, but I want to mention it), standard unix commands. I currently favour the dina font.

      Oh and “daily”, but only during the holiday season, I run xsnow.

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      If all goes well I’ll be cracking open a book next to the sea :~)

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        Awesome. Which sea?

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          The Salish Sea.

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      I’m currently refactoring the Makefile that generates my website and this gave me a lot to think about. I like your perspective here, questioning and ditching consistency between posts and letting them be unique. Puts the fun back into it. Thank you for writing this.

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      I use ranger. I really like it for sorting through media. Quickest way for me to find+open videos w/ mpv. It has in terminal image previews, ascii or full colour.

      Similar file managers: nnn, lf.

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      Drinking a tall glass of ice cold water.

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      My daily driver for the last year and a half has been an X200 and it’s my favorite laptop, and my ideal form factor.

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      Apple continues its firm, unwavering dedication to user-hostility.

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        Well, the T2 allows for significantly better SSD performance, so it’s only hostile to users who aren’t interested in using Apple’s system.

        ETA: was “their system”, which was unclear. Pronouns are hard!

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          My understanding is that the T2 is not incompatible via being proprietary (something that could be worked around) but is incompatible via being locked down. Feels deliberate there’s an inability to fully disable secure boot, inability to add custom keys.

          Unless there’s something preventing both better SSD performance and allowing full disability of secure boot?

          Some people are interested in both MacOS and an alternative OS, and the only way you can authentically dual-boot MacOS is on an Apple computer.

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            That’s a fair point.

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        Well, for the tiny fraction of users who want to run an alternative operating system, sure. For the other 99% (?) who just want to use Mac OS securely, the more locked down the boot process is, the better.

        There’s a way to turn off System Integrity Protection (aka “rootless” mode), so there could also be a way to disable secure boot at some point. But even if that happened, I don’t know if there’s an incentive for Apple to document their proprietary hardware interfaces, and they’re on track to use a lot of proprietary hardware in the coming years.

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      The Daves of the internet are right. Obscure terms created for marketing are silly. “Cloud” is pretty ethereal for a bunch of servers. “Serverless” is pretty silly and conversational for everything-as-a-service. I would like to exchange these ambiguous buzzwords for some clear terminology, please.

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        I really prefer using the terms SaaS, PaaS and IaaS whenever possible to refer to types of services in a more precise way.

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      I’ve been using a Thinkpad T520 for awhile. Very happy with it. My dad gave it to me a few years ago when he upgraded. It has a 720p panel but there are also 1080p ones available. It’s big and sturdy, at the cost of its heft. I’ve ran Debian and Arch Linux on it with no issues. And if a T520 is too hefty you could drop down to a 14” T420, or a newer T5X0 if ports or processors are an issue.

      But I’m sure there are many others recommending you Thinkpads ;^)

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      Writing posts, some hiking, feeding peanuts to the crows down at the beach, mourning summer.