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      Semantic CSS seems a clear winner for a trivial one page example like this. But from my experience from large projects, with hundreds of pages, where the design evolves during the years gives me a very different perspective. I found semantic CSS very difficult to evolve and mantain. And atomic CSS very easy on the other hand.

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        Does this mean that semantic CSS would be a clear winner for implementing all the Tailwind templates?

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      I have an Ergodox EZ and love it, it took me a while to get there, but now I strongly prefer it over other traditional keyboards. Before I always preferred low profile keyboards, so this looks very tempting.

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      Using only component selectors (the proposed alternative) leads to hard to mantain and evolve styles in a large code base. I have worked with many sites like this and it has been invariably a mess. Over time designers want to evolve the styles, changing some parts of the styles and leaving other alone.

      I think Atomic CSS brings a lot of freedom for evolving a code base without making a mess. It scales very well.

      I think the best approach is to combine both approaches. Named component classes for discreet elements like a button. An atomic CSS for everything else e.g. layout. This is working very well for us.

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      Sublime Text mostly, as is very fast and responsive. VSCode sometimes when I can’t find a language package for Sublime.

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      Hi @arkham I was following you tutorial. After the step where you do cp -L ~/.zshrc zshrc, I had to add to git add . Otherwise it fails. Seems like an omission.

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      If they were really after a Better Developer Experience, Go or Rust would have been a better choice. I would rather install and use a cli on those, rather that one in node.

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        Especially since Go is already a blessed language internally