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      This doesn’t sound all that bad for her use-case. There’s not a lot of reason for her to keep dependencies up-to-date, and builds for C libraries are often not all that complex, I found.

      Integrating the compiler source in your build seems a little mad, though. :)

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        As I said literally earlier today in a Discord, “Full disclosure I am a monster and I do absurd shit on a regular basis so definitely don’t take any of my [work] as gospel”

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      Would love to hear if Thea has experimented with using a monorepo, sans tools that need buy-in like bazel or buck. That would solve the problem of common libs diverging (assuming that is actually a problem).

      I would also love to hear how Thea handles transitive dependencies.

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        I tried, but I also wanted to keep the projects that we open source (which is all of our products) self-contained, so folks don’t have to download literally everything I’ve ever written just to make some firmware tweaks.

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      A great write up on Thea’s awesome synthesizers, if you’re curious about what kind of hardware she is referencing:

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        I clicked around a bit, and have to say it sounds really good

        I was vaguely aware of this company, but haven’t seen it in a few years.

        This link was sort of hidden in the post you reference: The Design of the Roland Juno oscillators

        Looks like she did a lot of reverse engineering to get the sound.

        Anyone remember Harmony Central, hosted at MIT, circa 1996 ?? Reminds me a bit of that

        I haven’t played with a synth in over a decade, but I wonder where all those people went and where they exchange such knowledge and hang out. Reddit or Twitter or YouTube?

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          Check out the wonderful folks at Earth Modular Society, it’s an awesome weird community with folks of all different experience and skill levels.

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          I think lines is great for synth and music discussion.