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      I wrote a quick commentary on some of the issues at hand.

      Crowdfunding needs some ways for non experts to be able to assess whether a certain project can deliver on its promises.(which never could. Building your own smartphone with a handful of people?)

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        I think it can be done. Not a smartphone that can compete with Samsung or Apple on (all of) performance, fit-and-finish, and size, but it can be done. Bunnie and Xobs are shipping their open-source Novena laptop as we speak. There’s only two of them, and they seem to have fingers in many pies to boot :)

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          I don’t think this team could have. Bunnie and crew are technical people who have the knowledge, connections and know their limitations. These people didn’t seem to have a realistic goal. Maybe they can badge engineer a Chinese phone with some firmware, but even that I doubt.

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          I agree that it can be done – isn’t this what Jolla did?